Our state-of-the-art, first-class 1000sqm gym facility has been custom built and specially designed for children between the ages of 18 months to 15 years!

The Kids Gym is equipped with access control & CCTV for your child’s safety. Our kid-size fitness equipment includes treadmills and bicycles imported from America. We also have a range of specially designed equipment for age appropriate movement activities to improve balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and rhythm. These facilities, coupled with our qualified and passionate trainers, makes for the perfect environment for a healthy, happy workout space for fun and fitness.

This is no ordinary gym, this is The Kids Gym and we are experts in children’s fitness!

Activity Zones

The Kids Gym offers 6 Zones of Activity:

Ninja Zone – A thrilling new sport which is a fusion of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, freestyle movement and tumbling.

Ball Zone – An area dedicated to age appropriate ball skills such as throwing, catching, kicking and hitting. All fundamental ball skills are taught as well as sport specific skills.

Jumping Zone – Offers a 12m trampoline track and a 12m airtrack (spring mat) where children can easily and safely learn to jump and develop basic agility skills, necessary for strength and gross motor skill development. We also have dedicated tumbling classes where kids can learn to do somersaults and much more!

Balance and Hanging Zone – This area focuses on hanging and balance skills, kids can walk on a slack-lines, hang upside down on the hanging ropes, rings and trapezes, with different heights and difficulties for different ages

Fitness Zone – Offers imported kid’s size fitness equipment from the USA, which includes treadmills, exercise bikes, moonwalkers and rowing machines (all age appropriate).

Rhythm Zone – A 64sq metre foam carpeted area with 8 metres of mirror, where age appropriate sessions offer aerobics, dance, skipping and core strengthening classes.


Alongside The Kids Gym is the Playzone which offers a Pay-for-Play area.

It is widely acknowledged that the social skills that children develop in ‘the Playzone’ are influential to their lifelong skill sets to be carried forward into adulthood.

The Kids Gym Playzone offers an exciting, engaging and challenging environment.